17.12. 2017

Daniel Vlček from AGHB TEAM won the Christmas Cup in Poprad

Daniel Vlček won the Christmas Cup in Poprad with 9 shots in front of Slovak players Slavomír Holický and Adrián Obal. The second player of our team, Michal Stach, eventually did not reach the podiums, but he finished in nice 4th-7th place.
Daniel Vlček also added a course record (27 shots) and a record average of 6 rounds (32.7). 

Results:  TURNAJ POPRAD 2017

13.12. 2017

We added the IRISH MINIGOLF OPEN 2018 to the list

RAG_master_brand+transpartentEven in 2018 Dublin will be held on the beautiful Rainforest Adventure Golf Course the IRISH OPEN, an international tournament endowed with 3,500 euros. In 2017 tournament was attended by four players from AGHB TEAM in Horní Bezděkov and they definitely did not lose, three of our players finished in the top ten. Who would like to participate in IRISH OPEN 2018, write to info@czechadventuregolf.com. More information about the tournament will be released as soon as we have available the oficial proposition.

23.11. 2017

Tournament calendar for adventure golf in 2018


The terms of adventure golf tournaments in the Czech Republic for the year 2018 are already known and we are here for you to publish. And what's next year waiting for us?

First of all, the WORLD ADVENTURE GOLF MASTERS 2018 in Horni Bezdekov, the major adventure golf tournament of the year with an expected participation of about 100 players from all continents.

Furthermore, two international tournaments, the major czech tournament CZECH MASTERS 2018 and the AGHB MARATON 2018.
Both traditional tournaments will bring some news this year. The CZECH MASTERS will be played for the first time in Horní Bezděkov on both courses, on Saturday on the course "ZA SRUBEM", on Sunday on the course "PŘED SRUBEM" - the new one.
The 12-hour AGHB MARATON will be played new on the new course "PŘED SRUBEM".

The CZECH ADVENTURE GOLF TOUR is beeing played for the third time in 2018, and there is one news this year. The Tour is again composed of 6 tournaments, the first tournament will be in the O2 arena PRAGUE OPEN, followed by BUDÍNEK OPEN and SPRING AGHB OPEN (the course "ZA SRUBEM"). After a short break the tour will continue in August with OSTRAVA OPEN and in October PÁLAVA OPEN. At the end of the saison the tour will return to Horní Bezděkov, where it will be finished on the new course with AUTUMN AGHB OPEN.

Tournament calendar to download: LETÁK TURNAJE EN


27.10. 2017

Michal Stach won the AGHB LIGA for the first time

logo-aghb-liga-web-2017Michal Stach confirmed his excellent form at the end of the season and won the AGHB LIGA in Horní Bezděkov for the first time. In the final play-off, he defeated 3:1 (on the round)  Milan Provazník, who finished second. The third best player was Daniel Vlček, who defeated 3:1 (on the round) Luboš Donini.

The AGHB LIGA has being played for 8 years. In 2017 it was played in a different format, with the top 8 players playing the play-off. Michal Stach is the fourth winner of the league for the whole time. Daniel Vlček won for 5 times and Michal Stach, Milan Provazník and Martin Košťál have one victory.

Complete results of the AGHB LIGA 2017 are available HERE.

8.10. 2017

Milan Provazník won the main part of the AGHB LIGA.


The main part of AGHB LIGA 2017 in Horní Bezděkov won Milan Provazník. Daniel Vlček finished 1 point second and Michal Stach another 8 points third. The first 8 players moved to PLAY OFF, which starts next weekend from 15th to 16th October. 

Both additional competitions have also ended. The competition "POD PAROU" was won by Daniel Vlček, who finished after 19 two-round games with par -121.

The competition for "THE BEST ESO" won Milan Provazník, who played 156 hole in one in 19 two-round games.

Final results of AGHB LIGA 2017 find HERE

8.10. 2017

Michal Stach won the PÁLAVA OPEN 2017

The last tournament of the Czech Adventure Golf Tour 2017 - PÁLAVA OPEN 2017 was held in Horní Věstonice. It was already the fourth year at this course and the winner in this year was Michal Stach from AGHB TEAM. His final result was 4 shots better as the winner of the previous three years Daniel Vlček who finished second this year.  Vojtěch Mikšovský finished third, all AGHB TEAM players.

Michal Stach was the leader from the first round, after two excellent rounds he led 8 shots and before the end of the tournament he has not left anyone before. 

30.9. 2017


Left - silver in the senior category Michal Stach, silver junior Matěj Vlček and right - absolute winner Daniel Vlček

Two days after the end of WAGM 2017, CROATIA OPEN ADVENTUREGOLF MASTERS took place on the same field, and to the delight of Czech colors in absolute order, Daniel Vlček won 10 strokes before Karl Lakos from Austria.

In the Junior category won the silver medal Matěj Vlček, who lost 1 shot behind Filip Nesterovic from Russia. The third was the British player Will Donelly. In the Senior category Michal Stach won the bronze medal  in the last round.

The tournament was played for 5 rounds and Daniel Vlček finished with an excellent average of 30.2 (31, 29, 29, 34 and 28). He defended his last year's victory, and next year he will attack the hattrick.

28.9. 2017

WORLD ADVENTURE GOLF MASTERS 2017 - fantasy in the Czech team


Silver Czech team - from the left Daniel Vlček, Milan Provazník, Veronika Reed a Michal Stach

Team Czech Republic (Daniel Vlček, Milan Provazník, Michal Stach a Veronika Reed) - 2nd place - Teams Category

Matěj Vlček - winner World Adventure Golf Masters 2017 - Juniors Category

Kateřina Reed - winner World Adventure Golf Masters 2017 - Women Category

Jan Donini - 3rd place - Juniors Category

Veronika Reed - 2nd place - Women Category

Daniel Vlček - 6th place absolut

Milan Provazník - 8th place absolut 

....the competition of 95 players and 17 teams from around the world.

Results HERE

This was really fantastic. By the last shot, our players strived for a victory in the teams category. Unfortunately this 1 shot decided about the victory of the team of Germany. The last round was unbelievable. The Czech team players moved during the last round from the fifth place to the silver medal. Finally, it was the last hole, where the German players were happier, who beat us one stroke and we were one shot better than the third Finland team.

Excellent performance was given by 11-year-old Matěj Vlček, who in the competition of many older players won the junior category and won his first major title. Three shots he defeated excellent British player Will Donnelly, third player Jan Donini from the Czech team finished third. Excellent performance of Matěj Vlček highlights the fact that he finished in the absolute order in the 17th place of 95 players. And it means all adult players.

The big drama finally took place in the women category. In the last two rounds Veronika Reed reached the lead of Kateřina Reed and both Czech players had to win the winner. The shot finally ended Kateřina Reed's victory on 3rd hole. Both our players left behind a third Austrian player with 14 shots. Kateřina Reed's victory was perhaps the biggest surprise of the tournament.

The excellent performance of Czech players shows a view of the absolute order, where 4 our players have finished in the top twenty. Daniel Vlček finished from 95 players on 6th place, Milan Provaznik on 8th place, Matěj Vlček on 17th and Michal Stach on 18th place.